Preparing your property for renting out

How we can help you comply

Reading the above information is almost enough to make a landlord think why bother, no doubt by the time you are reading this, the legislation will have changed and this information will seem out of date. Here we will give you an over view of what our managed landlords get as part of the service to keep them on the right side of the regulations and stress free.

Take-on – When we take on a new property we request our landlords fill out the new property instruction as well as all the key information we will also prompt you for the certificates so you know what is necessary.

Listing – Once we have been provided all the information we will populate our property management system and advertise the property across all the portals inclusive of the EPC information and graph. We also make sure the safety certificates are not only saved in a drop box folder shared with each landlord but also uploaded to the CRM system with expiry dates diarised for automated reminders.
Applications and references – When we have found an applicant for the property we complete their references using an online application system, this automatically sends the tenants a copy of the gas safety certificate, EICR, EPC, deposit prescribed information and terms and conditions and the how to rent guide. As part of the referencing process we also confirm the tenants right to rent and include that confirmation in the reference report.

Move in – As part of the inventory and check in process a member of staff will test the smoke alarms and once received the deposit will be protected in the TDS – our CRM system flags up which deposits need protecting and how long they have been held for, this ensures that none are missed and are always protected in time. We will also notify the utility suppliers of a change of tenancy and update them with the meter readings.

Post Move in – Once the tenancy has been started on the system the relevant files will be saved in the landlords dropbox folder and the files checked and signed off by a manager.

Audit – Every month we compile all the lets from the previous month, using our unique software and RAG traffic light system we tick off all the documentation to make sure the file is complete, as simple and crude as this system is we then know that we have ticked all boxes and that all the documents are present and are in the Dropbox folder shared with the landlord.

A little extra time at the start saves us ever having to deal with missing files, document audits and phone calls requesting copies, we don’t have filing cabinets full of paper, we comply with data protection as the information is secure and we never have to deal with archives.
Examples of all this documentation and procedures can be made available to view by a member of the team.